winter fairy
winter fairy
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EXIF data
Focal length:35 mm
Aperture:f 2
Shutter:1/140 sec

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4 Comments on "winter fairy"

  • rolero54 // 2010-01-15 13:59:19

    Beautiful achievement, a good shot, perfect photo, and bravo!
  • Markus // 2010-01-25 13:56:13

    I like that picture too.
    High sharpness on the next eye, a bit lower on the eye further away. And the background is totaly unsharp, one can suppose it is in a forest.
    Nice colors.
  • Framed and Shot // 2010-01-29 16:09:21

    We agree with Markus, the selective focus makes this image special. Great expression and color tones too!
  • Jonathan // 2010-02-14 20:29:24

    I'm kind of curious if you focus manually or if it is autofocus. Truly a top-shot.

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