Aircraft Dreams V
Aircraft Dreams V
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EXIF data
Focal length:70 mm
Aperture:f 9
Shutter:1/400 sec

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the legendary JUNKERS JU-52 shot in vintage style. Hope you like it!

2 Comments on "Aircraft Dreams V"

  • Miles Wolstenholme // 2010-06-14 21:38:03

    Excellent composition and processing.
  • Industrial Photography Eugene // 2010-06-15 23:27:28

    I work as an Industrial Photographer here in Singapore and we do quite a fair bit of aerial photography. Just loved the image composition and photographic expressions. The color correction and DI work helps to make the plane more stunning especially with the light falling from the clouds. Running a photo studio here in Singapore, we do mainly professional corporate headshots so it's great to see other works outside the studio environment. Thanks for sharing.

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